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Environmental Contaminant Data

USGS scientists sampling ground water in protective shroud that helps prevent sample contamination
Experienced personnel use proven methods that enable representative environmental samples to be collected from a well in the well network for the National Ground-Water Reconnaissance for Emerging Contaminants in the Environment Investigation

Environmental occurrence and distribution studies are conducted on environmental contaminants prioritized based on their likelihood of entering, and persisting in, the environment, and their potential environmental health consequences. These studies focus on environmental settings likely to be vulnerable to point and non-point source contamination. These studies address a wide range of environmental media (groundwater, surface water, sediment, soil, and air), and yield datasets on contaminant concentrations, including non-detections, and mixtures, which provide a foundation for additional research on contaminant sources, transport, persistence, fate, and effects.


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Publications on Environmental Contaminant Data

The Toxic Substances Hydrology Program's bibliography has XXX publications with environmental contaminant data from our investigations. Most are online reports with data tables from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

USGS scientist collecting water samples near an intake structures for a water-supply plant
As part of the USGS's national reconnaissance of the occurrence of emerging contaminants in source waters, scientists collected water samples near intake structures for water-supply plants. Here a USGS technician on a water-quality sampling boat is operating a crane with a water-quality sampler attached -- Duck River, TN<

Other Information

SCoRR Mapping Web Application

SCoRR Mapping Web Application

The Sediment-bound Contaminant Resiliency and Response (SCoRR) Mapping Application was developed to allow users to visualize and view information generated during this study. Additional datasets including Census data, the National Land Cover Database, and National Hydrography data are also provided for users to generate custom maps.


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