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Handbook of groundwater remediation using permeable reactive barriers--Applications to radionuclides, trace metals, and nutrients

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction to Groundwater Remediation of Metals, Radionuclides, and Nutrients, with Permeable Reactive Barriers
Stan J. Morrison, David L. Naftz, James A. Davis, and Christopher C. Fuller
PART I Innovations in Design, Construction, and Evaluation of PRBs
Chapter 2
Design and Performance of Limestone Drains to Increase pH and Remove Metals from Acidic Mine Drainage
C.A. Cravotta III and G. Watzlaf
Chapter 3
Preliminary Investigation into the Suitability of Permeable Reactive Barriers for the Treatment of Acid Sulfate Soils Discharge
T.D. Waite, R. Desmier, M. Melville, and B. Macdonald
Chapter 4
Permeable Reactive Barrier/GeoSiphon™ Treatment for Metals-Contaminated Groundwater
W.E. Jones, M.E. Denham, M.A. Phifer, F.C. Sappington, and F.A. Washburn
Chapter 5
Design and Use of Deep Aquifer Remediation Tools
G. Freethey and others
Chapter 6
Creation of a Subsurface Permeable Reactive Barrier Using In Situ Redox Manipulation
V.R. Vermeul, M.D. Williams, J.E. Szecsody, J.S. Fruchter, C.R. Cole, and J.E. Amonette
PART II Development of Reactive Materials
Chapter 7
Development of an Iron Oxide/Phosphate Reactive Barrier Material
J.L. Joye and others
Chapter 8
Four Reactive Materials in a Permeable Reactive Multibarrier to Remediate Groundwater Contaminated with Metals, Radionuclides, and Nitrate - Treatability Study and Field Design
J. Conca, N. Lu, E. Strietelmeier, T.P. Taylor, J. Kaszuba, P. Longmire, and J. Wright
PART III Evaluations of Chemical and Biological Processes
Chapter 9
Evaluation of Apatite Materials for Use in Permeable Reactive Barriers for the Remediation of Uranium Contaminated Groundwater
C.C. Fuller, M.J. Piana, J.R. Bargar, J.A. Davis, and M. Kohler
Chapter 10
Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in the Zero-Valent Iron Permeable Reactive Barrier at Fry Canyon, Utah, USA
R.C. Rowland
Chapter 11
Biogeochemical, Mineralogical, and Hydrological Characteristics of an Iron Reactive Barrier Used for Treatment of Uranium and Nitrate
B. Gu, D.B. Watson, D.H. Phillips, and L. Liang
Chapter 12
Analysis of Uranium-Contaminated Zero-Valent Iron Media Sampled From Permeable Reactive Barriers Installed at U.S. Department of Energy Sites in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Durango, Colorado, USA
L.J. Matheson, W.C. Goldberg, W.D. Bostick, and L. Harris
PART IV Case Studies of Permeable Reactive Barrier Installations
Chapter 13
Design and Performance of a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Containment of U, As, Se, V, Mo, and NO3, Monticello, Utah
S.J. Morrison, C.E. Carpenter, D.R. Metzler, T.R. Bartlett, and S.A. Morris
Chapter 14
Field Demonstration of Three Permeable Reactive Barriers to Control Uranium Contamination in Groundwater, Fry Canyon, Utah, USA
D.L. Naftz, C.C. Fuller, J.A. Davis, S.J. Morrison, E.M. Feltcorn, R.C. Rowland, G.W. Freethey, R.C. Rowland, C. Wilkowske, and M. Piana
Chapter 15
Collection Drain and Permeable Reactive Barrier for Treating Uranium and Metals from Mill Tailings Near Durango, Colorado
S.J. Morrison, D.R. Metzler, and B.P. Dwyer
Chapter 16
In Situ Reduction of Chromium-Contaminated Groundwater, Soils, and Sediments by Sodium Dithionite
C.J. Paul, F.A. Khan, and R.W. Puls
Chapter 17
Sulfate Reduction Permeable Reactive Barriers to Treat Acidity, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel and Zinc: Two Case Studies
R. McGregor, S. Benner, R. Ludwig, D. Blowes, and C. Ptacek

About the Book

Naftz, David, Morrison, S.J., Fuller, C.C., and Davis, J.A., eds., 2002,
Handbook of groundwater remediation using permeable reactive barriers--Applications to radionuclides, trace metals, and nutrients: San Diego, Calif., Academic Press, 539 p. (ISBN 0-12-513563-7)

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