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Triclosan, Caffeine, and Nonylphenol Concentration Profiles for Boulder Creek, Colorado

Triclosan, caffeine, and nonylphenol concentration profiles for Boulder Creek, Colorado
Triclosan, caffeine, and nonylphenol concentration profiles for Boulder Creek, Colorado, showing downstream variations during spring runoff (June 2000). Streamflow is from left to right. The increase in concentrations from site aWWTP to site 75 is the result of the discharge from a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Triclosan is an antimicrobial disinfectant used in many soaps. Caffeine is often used as an indicator of human wastewater contamination. Nonylphenol is a detergent metabolite. See the following site map and table for sampling site locations and descriptions. The graph is a modified version of figure 4C from Barber and others, 2006.

Site Map

The location of water-quality sampling sites in the Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado. See the table of site identifiers for the full name and exact location of the sites. The map is a modified version of figure 1 from Barber and others, 2006.

Table of Site Identifiers Used in the Above Graph and Map
The value in the distance column is the distance upstream from the confluence of Boulder Creek and St. Vrain Creek in kilometers (km). See site map for site locations. This table is an excerpt from Table SI-1 from Barber and others, 2006.

Site Identifier Site description Latitude Longitude Distance (km)
ELD Middle Boulder Creek upstream from Eldora 39.949722 -105.590833 69.59
CAN Boulder Creek at mouth from Boulder Canyon 40.013333 -105.294722 36.71
30 Boulder Creek downstream from 30th Street bridge 40.011111 -105.252778 32.99
aWWTP Boulder Creek upstream from Boulder 75th Street WWTP 40.050000 -105.183889 24.44
75 Boulder Creek downstream from 75th Street bridge 40.051667 -105.177778 23.85
aCC Boulder Creek upstream from Coal Creek 40.081944 -105.059722 10.97
aSV Boulder Creek upstream from Saint Vrain Creek 40.158056 -105.009444 0.110


Barber, L.B., Murphy, S.F., Verplanck, P.L., Sandstrom, M.W., Taylor, H.E., and Furlong, E.T., 2006, Chemical loading into surface water along a hydrological, biogeochemical, and land use gradient—A holistic watershed approach: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 40, no. 2, p. 475-486, doi: 10.1021/es051270q. (Supporting Information)

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