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USGS Patents the Multifunction Bedrock-Aquifer Transportable Testing Tool

Multifunction Bedrock-Aquifer Transportable Testing Tool

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientist Dr. Allen M. Shapiro has designed, constructed, and patented (patent number 6,761,062) a Multifunction Bedrock-Aquifer Transportable Testing Tool (BAT3). BAT3 is designed to conduct tests that measure the permeability of fractures, and collect water samples for geochemical analyses from short intervals of boreholes in fractured-rock aquifers. The equipment was designed so that it is readily transportable from site to site, easily assembled, and can be adjusted to accommodate different borehole conditions, such as fracture density that may vary from one location to the next. The BAT3 is also designed with data-acquisition equipment that integrates with a laptop computer to store, display, and interpret hydraulic data as it is collected. The BAT3’s compact and portable design has enabled it to be shipped at reasonable cost to several sites throughout the eastern United States, including sites with contaminated ground water, in order to characterize these fractured rock aquifers. The BAT3 has a unique design when compared to conventional packer systems: it has the ability to conduct multiple types of hydraulic tests, geochemical sampling, and tracer tests; to monitor the operational integrity of tests; and to conduct real-time data analysis and visualization.

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Shapiro, A.M., 2004, Borehole Testing System: Washington, D.C., U.S. Government Patent and Trademark Office, United States Patent 6,761,062.

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