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Special Issue: Fate and Transport of Agricultural Chemicals in the Mississippi River Basin

Vol. 248, Nos. 2-3
APRIL 5 2000


Importance of the Mississippi River Basin for investigating agricultural-chemical contamination of the hydrologic cycle
D. W. Kolpin (USA)

Introduction to the US Geological Survey Toxic Substances Hydrology Program
H. Buxton (USA)

Nitrogen flux and sources in the Mississippi River Basin
D.A. Goolsby, W.A. Battaglin, B.T. Aulenbach, R.P. Hooper (USA)

Atmospheric nitrogen in the Mississippi River Basin -emissions, deposition and transport
G.B. Lawrence, D.A. Goolsby, W.A. Battaglin, G.J. Stensland (USA)

Occurrence and load of selected herbicides and metabolites in the lower Mississippi
River G.M. Clark, D.A. Goolsby (USA)

Finding minimal herbicide concentrations in ground water? Try looking for their degradates
D.W. Kolpin, E.M. Thurman, S.M. Linhart (USA)

Occurrence of sulfonylura, sulfonamide, imidazolinone, and other herbicides in rivers, reservoirs and ground water in the Midwestern United States, 1998
W.A. Battaglin, E.T. Furlong, M.R. Burkhardt, C.J. Peter (USA)

Routine determination of sulfonylurea, imidazolinone, and sulfonamide herbicides at nonogram-per-liter concentrations by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
E.T. Furlong, M.R. Burkhardt, P.M. Gates, S.L. Werner, W.A. Battaglin (USA)

Determination of chloroacetanilide herbicide metabolites in water using high-performance spectrometry
K.A. Hostetler, E.M. Thurman (USA)

Analysis of selected herbicide metabolites in surface and ground water of the United States
E.A. Scriber, E.M. Thurman, L.R. Zimmerman (USA)

Detection of persistent organic pollutants in the Mississippi Delta using semipermeable membrane devices
L.R. Zimmerman, E.M. Thurman, K.C. Bastian (USA)

Use of radioimmunoassay as a screen for antibiotics in confined animal feeding operations and confirmation by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
M.T. Meyer, J.E. Bumgarner, J.L. Varns, J.V. Daughtridge, E.M. Thurman, K.A. Hostetler (USA)

Occurrence of cotton herbicides and insecticides in playa lakes of the High Plains of west Texas
E.M. Thurman, K.C. Bastian, T. Molihagen (USA)

Pesticides in the atmosphere of the Mississippi River Valley, part I - rain
M.S. Majewski, W.T. Foreman, D.A. Goolsby (USA)

Pesticides in the atmosphere of the Mississippi River Valley, part II - air
W.T. Foreman, M.S. Majewski, D.A. Goolsby, F.W. Wiebe, R.H. Coupe (USA)

Occurrence of pesticides in rain and air in urban and agricultural areas of Mississippi, April-September 1995
R.H. Coupe, M.A. Manning, W.T. Foreman, D.A. Goolsby, M.S. Majewski (USA)

Herbicides and herbicide degradates in shallow groundwater and the Cedar River near a municipal well field, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
R.A. Boyd (USA)

Changes in herbicide concentrations in Midwestern streams in relation to changes in use, 1989-1998
E.A. Scribner, W.A. Battaglin, D.A. Goolsby, E.M. Thurman (USA)

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