U.S. Geological Survey Environmental Health Mission Area Bibliography

Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Science Team

This section of the bibliography has 12 publications.

Barber, L.B., Bertolatus, D.W., Dietze, J.E., Hladik, M.L., Jasmann, J.R., Jastrow, A., Keefe, S.H., Kolpin, D.W., Kraus, J.M., Iwanowicz, L.R., Melberg, A.K., Meyer, M.T., Rapp, J.L., Roth, D.A., Sperry, A., Tokranov, A.K., and Vajda, A.M., 2019, Assessment of endocrine disruption in the Shenandoah River watershed--Chemical and biological data from mobile laboratory fish exposures and other experiments conducted during 2014, 2015, and 2016: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

Barber, L.B., Rapp, J.L., Kandel, C., Keefe, S.H., Rice, J., Westerhoff, P., Bertolatus, D.W., and Vajda, A.M., 2019, Integrated assessment of wastewater reuse, exposure risk, and fish endocrine disruption in the Shenandoah River watershed: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 53, no. 7, p. 3429-3440, doi:10.1021/acs.est.8b05655.

Blazer, V.S., Braham, R.P., Iwanowicz, L.R., Walsh, H.L., Hedrick, J.D., Mullican, J.E., Smith, G.D., Reeser, S.J., and Pinkney, A.E., 2018, 2004-2010 Chesapeake Bay smallmouth and largemouth bass estrogenic biomarker data: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

Brennan, J.C., 2017, Development of a dual luciferase-fluorescamine assay adapted to a 384 micro-well plate format-data: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

Brennan, J.C., and Lee, K.E., 2018, Endocrine active chemical screening tests optimized to improve precision, accuracy, and timeliness: U.S. Geological Survey, access date 06/25/2018, 2018

Brennan, J.C., and Tillitt, D.E., 2018, Development of a dual luciferase activity and fluorescamine protein assay adapted to a 384 micro-well plate format--Reducing variability in human luciferase transactivation cell lines aimed at endocrine active substances: Toxicology in Vitro, v. 47, Supplement C, p. 18-25, doi:10.1016/j.tiv.2017.10.030.

Gordon, S.E., Jones, D.K., Williams, B.M., and Wright, C., 2017, Potential contaminant sources and other landscape variables summarized for NHDPlus Version 2.1 catchments within the Chesapeake Bay watershed: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

Iwanowicz, L.R., Ciparis, S., Blazer, V.S., Young, J., Pinkney, A., and Lookenbill, J., 2017, Estrogen equivalents of surface water in the upper Chesapeake Bay watershed (2008 - 2011): U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

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Swanson, J.E., Muths, E., Pierce, C.L., Vandever, M.W., and Smalling, K.L., 2018, Amphibian occupancy and effects of habitat use on pesticide exposure in Iowa wetlands: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

Walsh, H.L., Blazer, V.S., Smith, G.D., Lookenbill, M., Alvarez, D.A., and Smalling, K.L., 2018, Risk factors associated with mortality of age-0 smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania: Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, v. 30, no. 1, p. 65-80, doi:10.1002/aah.10009.

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