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Photodegradation - "Decomposition of a compound by radiant energy." - Parker, 1994

Photodegradation - "The photochemical transformation of a molecule into lower molecular weight fragments, usually in an oxidation proces. This term is widely used in the destruction (oxidation) of pollutants by UV-based processes." - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1996

Photodegradation - "Photochemical degradation of phenol derivatives represents an alternative method for biological detoxification." - Oppenländer, 2003

Photodegradation - "Photodegradation in the presence of suspended semiconductor particles may be either by a 'direct' process, by organic molecules adsorbed on the surface of the particles which interact with holes and hydroxyl radicals on the surface -- or they may be 'indirect,' by interaction of the organic molecules with hydroxyl radicals in the bulk of the solution." - Halmann, 1996


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