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USGS scientist working with a microcosm containing sediments from a subsurface gasoline plume at a leaking underground storage tank in Galloway Township, New Jersey [/sites/gall_page.html] . The microcosm work was part of a study on the natural attenuation of a gasoline spill
A USGS scientist collecting water samples anaerobically in a glove bag as part of a study of the processes that control the biotransformation of contaminants in a subsurface plume of landfill leachate at the Norman Municipal Landfill, Norman, Okla.
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Biotransformation – "Chemical conversion of a substance that is mediated by living organisms or enzyme preparations derived there from." - Stephenson and others, 2006

Biotransformation - "Biotransformation is the process whereby a substance is changed from one chemical to another (transformed) by a chemical reaction within the body." – National Library of Medicine and Monosson, 2007

Biotransformation or microbial transformation – "The use of living organisms to modify substances that are not normally used for growth." – Prescott and others, 2002

Biotransformation – "The series of chemical reactions that occur in a compound, especially a drug, as a result of enzymatic or metabolic activities by a living organism." - McGraw-Hill Companies, 2003

Biotransformation - "Chemical alteration of a substance within the body, as by the action of enzymes." - Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries, 2000

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