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Biomagnification Figure
A hypothetical example of the biomagnification of mercury in water up through the food chain and into a wading bird's eggs. Figure Source: Is Mercury the Achilles Heel of the Restoration Effort?, South Florida Restoration Science Forum


Biomagnification - "Biomagnification is the sequence of processes in an ecosystem by which higher concentrations of a particular chemical, such as the pesticide DDT, are reached in organisms higher up the food chain, generally through a series of prey-predator relationships." - Oxford University, 2008

Biomagnification – “Result of the process of bioaccumulation and biotransfer by which tissue concentrations of chemicals in organisms at one trophic level exceed tissue concentrations in organisms at the next lower trophic level in a food chain.” - Environmental Protection Agency, 2010

Biomagnification – “Biomagnification is the process whereby the tissue concentrations of a contaminant increase as it passes up the food chain through two or more trophic levels.” - Nowell and others, 1999

Biomagnification – “Biomagnification begins with ingestion by a predator of a lower trophic level organism whose tissues contain contaminant residues….The available evidence suggests that biomagnification may occur under conditions of low water concentration for compounds of high lipophilicity, high persistence, and low water solubility (Biddinger and Gloss, 1984).” - Nowell and others, 1999

Biomagnification – “Bioaccumulation of a pesticide through an ecological food chain by transfer of residues from the diet into body tissues. The tissue concentration increases at each trophic level in the food web when there is efficient uptake and slow elimination (Rand and Petrocelli, 1983).” - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), 1996

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Biomagnification Factor (BMF) - "The term biomagnification factor (BMF) is refer to the ratio of contaminant concentration in biota to that in the surrounding water when the biota was exposed via contaminated food." - Nowell and others, 1999

Trophic Level - "Group of organisms united by obtaining their energy from the same part of the food web of a biological community." - Orlans, 1995



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